• Our Team

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    Anup Chippa

    Production Director

    Anup Chhipa, the Production Director at Studio Bagru, brings a legacy of block printing that spans five generations.


    Anup's journey with Studio Bagru began in 2016, but Anup's connection with this art form began at a much earlier age. Anup began printing at the age of 16 when he started printing alongside his father.


    Renowned as a color master, Anup possesses a remarkable skill—he can precisely match colors within a margin of just two Pantone shades. His expertise extends beyond the palette as he oversees production management and manages the retail operations in Bagru.


    In addition to his pivotal role, Anup actively engages with printing workshops, imparting the importance of supporting handmade craftsmanship to guests. He embodies the essence of Studio Bagru, preserving tradition, and promoting the beauty of handcrafted textiles.


    Anup Chhipa's dedication to the art of block printing and his commitment to sharing its significance make him an invaluable asset to the Studio Bagru family.

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    Monica Shrivastava

    Design Studio Manager

    Monica is the Design Studio Manager at Studio Bagru. She brings a blend of artistic flair and meticulous craftsmanship to our team.


    With a diploma in Art and Design, her passion for fashion and design ignited her journey at Studio Bagru.


    Monica's role is multifaceted. She collaborates closely with clients, ensuring that design projects align perfectly with their vision and preferences. Her keen eye for detail ensures that prints and styles meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction.


    Beyond her client-centric responsibilities, Monica serves as the in-house label's designer, infusing her creativity into our exclusive collections. She works hand in hand with Anup, our Production Director, to manage the intricacies of production, ensuring that every piece embodies the Studio Bagru legacy of quality and tradition.


    Monica's dedication to weaving creativity and craftsmanship into every design project and her commitment to elevating the fashion experience at Studio Bagru make her an indispensable part of our team.

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    Jeremy Fritzhand

    Founder and Managing Director

    Originally from the US, Jeremy first travelled to Bagru in 2010 whilst still a student at Union College. After graduating, Jeremy returned to Bagru as a Minerva Fellow to start a novel social enterprise. That work grew into Bagru Textiles.


    After completing his fellowship, Jeremy returned to the US where he undertook a MBA at the Thunderbird School of Management. Upon graduating, Jeremy worked for a multinational fashion supply chain company, gaining experience in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


    This experience was formative for Jeremy's business education, however he was unable to walk away from Bagru and the art of block print. In 2015 he returned to India and launched Studio Bagru in 2016.


    Jeremy is responsible for the marketing and strategic vision of Studio Bagru as well as serving as a Block Print evangalist delivering talks and educational workshops around the world.