Join our Virtual Block Printing Workshop for Covid Relief in Bagru



    Any consumer purchasing a Studio Bagru product will discover its origins of production. We value honesty. We’re open about the materials we use, where they come from, who made them and how our products are made. We listen. Any questions you have – from technical aspects of the printing ​process, to pricing – we are happy to openly talk with you.


    Bagru, like many suburban villages in India, is at a critical point in development. Hand-block printing is a dying art. We aim to share the beauty of this Rajasthani tradition with the world – taking part in a renaissance of block printing. We are deliberate in choosing our manufacturing partners. We assess professionalism, working conditions, wages, and quality in each of our suppliers. Ultimately we hope to foster entrepreneurial growth in artisan communities to grow the industry.


    We’re here to help you. Communicating across language barriers, time zones and borders can be exhausting. We understand people as much as we do our textiles. As such, our team takes pride in our customer relations. Late-night calls are part of our routine; we’re always reachable via email, and most of all, we’re eager to sit down, have a cup of chai and hear your story.


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