Who we are

At Studio Bagru we make make it easier to navigate the supply chain.

We handle everything from design to delivery, keeping you in-the-loop at each step. 

We've fallen in love with Indian textiles, the people who create each product, and the places in which they are made. Our goal is to streamline this process directly for you, no matter where you are in the world - a seamless delivery of quality, transparency, and creativity. 

Where we work

We’re not just a textile company.

Artisans in Bagru have been hand-block printing for over 350 years.

Bagru is a small Indian town located thirty kilometers outside of Jaipur - the capital of Rajasthan. While many Rajasthani villages have turned to screen-printing as an alternative to block printing, Bagru has remained loyal to its history, culture, and craftsmanship. This makes it one of the last existing hubs for this niche process.

We have strong relationships with our partners in Bagru and the surrounding Jaipur areas. With our headquarters located centrally in Jaipur, we're able to personally oversee production and manage the needs of our clients. 

What we believe

Block printing is a community endeavor. The artisans we work with are masters of their craft, whether it be block carving, washing, printing, dying, or using dabu (resist) paste. Their skills have been developed not over the years, but through generations. 

Because block printing is such a detailed process, it requires many hands and hearts to create a single textile.

In Jaipur, we bring together each segment of the supply chain. The outcome is not simply a scarf, napkin, bed sheet or blanket, but instead – a work of art.

This 350-year-old tradition has seen little variation since its inception. In a world where technology transforms, we are transforming a business by maintaining its deep-rooted traditions. These roots are the beating heart of what goes on at Studio Bagru, and what we believe provides our company with so much character. 

It requires many hands and hearts to create a single textile