• Join a fun filled Jaipur EXPERIENCE!

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    Trek up to the Majestic Amber Fort

    A walk through historic Aravali hills with a Naturalist Guide


    Walk through the Old City

    Take a guided walk through the original Walled City of Jaipur


    Visit the ancient step-well


    Visit the Haunted Village!

    Food Walk

    Sample the best of the local food through the narrow lanes of the old city

    Cooking Workshop

    Learn to make the delicious Rajasthani delicacies with a local family


    Find your inner peace at a beautiful haveli in the heart of the old city

    Kite Flying

    Available November to February

    The weather and winds are just right to get that kite up in the air. Join a local family on their rooftop for some Kite Flying

    Polo and Horse Riding

    Try your hand at the sport of the Royals.

  • Responsible Tourism

    We are committed to preserving the culture and ecology of the areas we work in. These are some of the steps we take to contribute to the local communities, environment and ecology.


    We partner with the local block printing artists of Bagru and help them to continue this age old art form while adapting it to the latest market trends. We also educate them about the best ways to increase their visibility and therefore, sales, through the means of newer marketing channels and social media.


    We ensure that the artists who work with us are fairly paid and compensated for sharing their art with us and the world.

    Mahila Print

    As our contribution to the movement of women empowerment and equality, we partnered with Petra Valentova of IM.PRINTED (https://www.imprintedstory.com/) and Monica Moisan of CIPRI (http://culturalintellectual property rights iniative.com/) to start Mahila Print, a platform offering royalties for artisans.

    Local Culture

    As a part of the cultural landscape of Bagru Village, we encourage our guests to embrace the experience of being in rural Rajasthan. The village tour takes them up close to the every-day lives of the printers and they end the tour with a greater appreciation for both the art and the artist. Our day also includes a home-cooked traditional meal which completes the authentic Bagru experience.

    Cleanliness Drive

    While observing a strict no-waste, no-littering policy on a daily basis, we also dedicate a whole day each year for a village-wide cleanliness drive. We join forces with the local residents to pick up trash from all parts of the common drying areas and common pathways and end the day with a feast of local delicacies to celebrate a day well spent.

    Wall Murals

    We invited artists from Jaipur City and with the enthusiastic support from the children of Bagru, created two Wall Murals in the common drying fields, highlighting the importance of preserving the environment. A shout-out was also given to the Fashion Revolution Movement which encourages people to ask the most important question of “Who Made My Clothes”