Block Print Festival 2018

Announcing the 1st Annual Bagru Block Printing Festival September 3 – 5. The Bagru Block Printing Festival was founded in order to celebrate the centuries old craft of Block Printing. We believe in fostering artisan entrepreneurs and connecting them with like minded global designers and retailers who are excited about the handicraft industry. The Bagru Block Printing festival strives to be an incubator for discussion, skills sharing, and design innovation for block printing artisans and brands that use this art as a medium. By gathering annually at a major Hub of block printing (bagru/sanganer) we continue to work together as a community of like minded makers in order to innovate and push this art to the next level. We hope to be a beacon of change in a consumer world pressured by fast fashion and throw away culture.

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Printing and dyeing

Specific vendors for specific processes. Get a chance to use from the library of design each 5th or 6th generation printer has with them in factory.


Spotlight on rising stars

A full exhibit of new print development from the best designers in block print. Plenty of shopping for the hottest block print fabrics available.

Vendor Networking

A platform

This is your chance to meet block printing artisans and producers to collaborate with for your next collection of fabrics and textile products.


Planning for the Future

Each day an evening symposium will be held to discuss key topics affecting the block printing industry, from water use, to design protection. Panels will include key industry insiders and designers.

Hospitality Partners

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Printing Partners

Spend your time learning the hand crafted art of block printing in Bagru hosted by master printers.

Brand Partners

These people know their prints!

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